I suppose they're alright

After a comfortable rest at the inn, our intrepid adventurer and his group of friendly servants were off. Doubling their efforts, they were able to make it to the coast with only a few more uneventful days. Excepting the moment when the tide came in unexpectedly, they traveled light and fast.

One night, while following the usual watch pattern, Pir was approached by two wanderers, who requested to meet with the party leader. After a short discussion, Melnor realized that the monk, Rhaen, and the elven bowmistress Tera were basically good, so they joined the party. Especially true as Tera will come in handy at the Glitterhold.

They made great time with the new guides. All in all, only two major conflicts happened.

The first happened only a day or two in, when a group of bandits confronted them. After a short skirmish, the bandits had fled, were mortally wounded, or subdued. After getting nothing out of the presumed leader, Melnor knocked him out, stripped him of his armor, boots, and gold, and left.

The second instance was when a ship, looking in rough shape, was headed to a port. Tera informed Melnor that kobolds were likely on it. Melnor pushed and prodded for investigation and eventually they relented.

Coming up to the ship, many kobolds were working frantically. One kobold was whipping at the others so they could repair the ship, which had suffered heavy damages. Perhaps it was a bit premature, but based on everything he heard about kobolds, their similarity to goblins, and his general gut instinct, Melnor had seen all he needed to decide. They released the fire arrows shortly after.

Flame engulfed the ship, causing panic among the kobolds. As the party looked on, Tera loosed another arrow directly into the leader. With that done, the party rode onward.

The rest of the journey was filled with getting to know one another, from Rhaen’s impressive stances, Thera’s intricate prayers, Tera’s archery skills, and Melnor’s impressive strength, constitution, and command of the healing arts.

As the night grew stronger, they came upon their interim destination.



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